Divination: Brenda Fajardo Retells History
GF Lobby and West Wing Gallery
10 December 2009 – 10 January 2010
(read more details…)

Pangatawanan Mo Nah!
GF Lobby and West Wing Gallery
5 November- 19 November 2009
(read more details…)

Persistent Visions
Erika Tan
3F South Wing Gallery
15 October 2009 – 12 February 2010
(read more details…)

Messenger of the Gods
A Duddley Diaz Retrospective
GF Lobby and Edge Gallery
8 August to 30 October 2009
(read more details…)

Nostalgia: A Photographic Exhibition on Gum Bichromate Printing
Marc San Valentin
3F Landing Gallery
2 July – 6 September 2009
(read more details…)

Art in Progress: Imagination-Made Reality
An exhibit by the Junior Museum Guides 5
3F Landing Gallery
17 May – 21 June 2009
(read more details…)

IMAGES OF TRANSITION in art and design, 1880s to 1920s
2F Kawilihan Gallery
29 May – 7 August 2009
(read more details…)

3F Memorabilia Room
5 May 2009 – 31 August 2009
(read more details…)

Panel Collective
GF Edge Gallery
22 April – 12 July 2009
(read more details…)

Ringo Bunoan
Cellar Gallery and Basement B
3 March – 4 April 2009
(read more details…)

Zarzuela Sarsuwela
GF Lobby and Edge Gallery
11 February – 05 April 2009
(read more details…)

Art Beyond Appearances: Caring for Amorsolo’s Legacy
2F Kawilihan Gallery
03 February – 03 May 2009
(read more details…)

Woven Templates: An Exhibition of Philippine Contemporary Textiles
Dr. Norma A. Respicio, Guest Curator
3F Landing Gallery
Exhibit runs until 3 May 2009
(read more details…)



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Opening reception of Visualizing Sound at the 3F Galleries - 9 February, 6pm Exhibition runs until 16 March 2019. Visualizing Sound is an exhibition that presents the collaboration between artist Gerardo Tan, musicologist Felicidad A. Prudente, and master weaver Sammy Buhle. The exhibition reflects on the translation of forms through the work "Rendering", a video and audio documentation notated in modern sound symbols, which are then translated into visual images, and in turn interpreted in textile by the ikat method. Complementing this is another work by Tan titled Speaking in Tongue (inspired by an indigenous chant from Kalinga called sogna) that tries to articulate the production of vocal sounds resonating from a singer’s mouth. Thus, the exhibition Visualizing Sound becomes an intersection of modes rooted in tradition and enriched in multidisciplinary contexts. The Vargas Museum Education Guide for the show can be downloaded via link over at our Facebook page.
Vargas Museum Education Guides for our February 2019 exhibitions are now available online. The study guides are designed for discussions and activities for classes in Humanities, Art Studies, Anthropology, Fine Arts, Cultural Studies, History, Political and other Social Sciences. It is encouraged that course tutors/teachers have a pre-visit to the exhibition before the class’s actual visit. The education guides may be reproduced. For pre-visits and tours, please inquire via vargasmuseum@gmail.com. Go to our Facebook profile page for the links!
Now at the 3F Galleries: Opening reception of Visualizing Sound by Gerardo Tan, Dr. Fe Prudente, and Sammy Buhle. Open to the public!
"Letter from a Mermaid to His Father" by Russ Ligtas is currently installed at the 3F Landing for "Transpersonal, instructions" exhibition which is on extended view until 9 March 2019. Russ Ligtas studied Painting at the University of the Philippines Cebu. Currently based in Manila, his performed personalities "operate via autobiographical intermedia forms combining action, artifact, and chance" as presented in the following sites and engagements: Visayas Biennale, Fringe MNL Festival, the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), Bangkok Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Spielart Festival in Munich, and more. He was a mentor at ARTery Artist Mentorship Program in 2015 and was also a fellow at the Iligan National Writers Workshop and the Cornelio Faigao Memorial Writers Workshop. He played the lead role in the film "Miss Bulalacao" in 2015. In 2016, he received the Alvin Erasga Tolentino Choreography Award and the CCP’s Koryolab grant. He spent a few months in New York in 2018 as an Asian Cultural Council Fellow.
Visualizing Sound by Gerardo Tan, Dr. Fe Prudente, & Sammy Buhle opens tonight at 6pm! Everyone is invited. #textile #fabric #music #translation #indigenous #contemporary
Visualizing Sound by Gerardo Tan, Dr. Fe Prudente, and Sammy Buhle opens TOMORROW, 9 February, Saturday at 6pm. Everyone is invited to the reception. For more information, please contact 928-1927 during office hours.

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