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Tumba-Tumba: Words and Numbers | CANVAS

Tumba-Tumba: Words and Numbers Marcel Antonio, Ioannis Sicuya, Renz Baluyot CANVAS 14 September – 15 October 2019 Opening Reception: 14 September, 4 PM 1F Galleries UP Vargas Museum Click here to go to the Facebook event page of the exhibition for the latest updates. Last year, CANVAS mounted the Tumba-Tumba Children’s Museum of Philippine Art Proof-of-Concept Show … Continue reading

poems from the wind | Costantino Zicarelli

poems from the wind Costantino Zicarelli 29 June to 2 August 2019 Opening Reception: 29 June, Saturday at 6 pm 1F Galleries UP Vargas Museum Click here to go to the Facebook event page of the exhibition for the latest updates. The UP Vargas Museum, in cooperation with Artinformal, presents poems from the wind, a … Continue reading

Transpersonal, instructions

“Transpersonal, instructions” opens at the UP Vargas Museum on 14 December 2018, Friday at 6pm. Transpersonal activities invite participants to experiment with the boundaries between accepted notions of authorship and audience expectation—to play with the performativity of their roles and rethink the various modes of attention they are setting up. The “instructions” weave together a transpersonal, primary initiative of cultural and transnational exchange, that repeatedly encounter a restless ecology of contemporary art. Transpersonal, instructions looks with particular, collaborative attention, at non-Western difference and under–represented geographies in art like the communities working in the Philippines today. Continue reading

Lost Paradise | Marta Moreno Muñoz

Lost Paradise Marta Moreno Muñoz 13 October – 16 November 2018, extended until 30 November Opening reception: 13 October, Saturday at 6pm 1F West Wing Room UP Vargas Museum The Lost Paradise multi-screen video installation will be premiered at UP Vargas Museum in October 2018. A project produced in 2013 under an artist residency at … Continue reading

Project Island Hopping – Reversing Imperialism: Lander

Project Island Hopping – Reversing Imperialism: Lander | 13 October- 16 November 2018 |
Curated by Dar-Kuen Wu in collaboration withPatrick D. Flores featuring contemporary artists from the Philippines and Taiwan Continue reading

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