Announcement, Lecture, Workshop

Digital Archiving of Heritage Objects: New Developments and Perspectives

31 May 2012
9:00 AM – 3:30 PM
National Institute of Physics and Vargas Museum.

The workshop will demonstrate the capabilities of Niji-S, a digital scanner developed by the team of Prof. Ari Ide-Ektessabi of the Advanced Imaging Technology Laboratory (AITL) of Kyoto University. It shall also foster discussions on possible collaborations for recording and research on cultural heritage.

Prof. Ide-Ektessabi’s team has been commissioned to perform several digitization campaigns around the world and in the process, he has had extensive experience in the intellectual property rights of data derived from cultural heritage objects.

Because of its mobile, configurable design, overall cheaper operation cost, and open platform, the Niji scanning system has been used in Japan, Korea, China, Egypt and the United Kingdom.   The objects that have been digitized are a wide variety of artifacts from different civilizations and empires like Pharonic period, Coptic period, Islamic period, Greco-Roman period, Tang era, Edo era, the Renaissance, Meji era as well as the modern era. To date, more than 3000 important cultural heritage objects from different UNESCO World Heritage sites have already been digitized using the Niji scanning system.

The workshop is limited to 20 participants. To reserve a slot please preregister through the link below:

or send an email to with your name, affiliation, affiliation address and phone number. Participants to the workshop may bring paintings for free digitization.


09:00-9:30 Registration
9:30-10:00 Opening remarks and introduction

(Dr. Maricor Soriano, Dr. Patrick Flores)

10:00-10:30 Ultra High Resolution Recording and Preservation of World Class Cultural Heritage

(Prof. Ari Ide-Ektessabi)

10:30-12:00 Open Forum

on Academic Collaboration in Recording of, and Research on Cultural Heritage

12:00-01:00 Lunch
01:00-01:15 Transfer to Vargas Museum Conservation Research Lab
01:15-02:15 Demonstration of Niji-S
02:15-03:15 Continuation of Open Forum
03:15-03:30 Closing Program


About Jorge B. Vargas Museum

It aims to preserve its collection donated by Jorge B. Vargas and conducts research, exhibitions, publications, and educational programs. The Vargas Museum and Filipiniana Research Center houses a museum, archives, and library devoted to the Philippine history, art, and culture from the late 19th century until the post-war era. Its main beneficiaries are students, faculty, researchers and scholars of the Philippines and Asia.


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