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Bird Season (Photography Exhibit of Philippine Bird Species)

Bird Season
04 September – 05 October 2008
The Edge Gallery
G/F, UP Vargas Museum

The Philippine Bird Photography Forum (PBPF) and the UP Jorge B. Vargas Museum (UPVM) are proud to present Bird Season, an exhibition of full color photographs of 100 bird species by PBPF members. The exhibit will open on 04 September 2008, Thursday, 6:00 PM at The Edge Gallery as part of the centenary celebration of the University of the Philippines.

Over 600 species of birds are found in the Philippines with new ones being added to this number almost every year since 2004. More than 200 of these species are uniquely endemic. Nearly half of these species are migratory, breeding in mainland Asia from April to August and flying into the Philippines beginning with September, thus the title Bird Season. In U.P. Diliman Campus alone where Vargas Museum is located, more than 100 bird species have been observed in the last four years. But it is seldom that one can claim having seen even five of these.

With this exhibit, the PBPF not only hopes to showcase the artistry of Filipinos in wildlife photography but also to call attention to the beauty and uniqueness of Philippine wildlife. Bird photography itself brings in a new paradigm to wildlife appreciation. They are best appreciated without putting them in cages or shooting for sport. With this exhibit and its other activities, PBPF together with the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines and the UNICEF, is promoting the shift from the petting to the “Just Watch, Do Not Touch” culture.

Bird Season will run until 05 October 2008, Sunday, 6:00 PM. The museum is open from Tuesdays to Sundays, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. For more details, please contact the UP Vargas Museum at 928-1927 (Direct line), 981-8500 local 4024 (UP Trunkline) or 928-1925 (Fax). You can also send your inquiries via e-mail to


About Jorge B. Vargas Museum

It aims to preserve its collection donated by Jorge B. Vargas and conducts research, exhibitions, publications, and educational programs. The Vargas Museum and Filipiniana Research Center houses a museum, archives, and library devoted to the Philippine history, art, and culture from the late 19th century until the post-war era. Its main beneficiaries are students, faculty, researchers and scholars of the Philippines and Asia.


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